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RCS Guard with RCS Firewall

Without visibility over RCS, CSPs will lose revenue

Some CSPs are rushing to implement Google RCS platform that isn`t necessary for subscribers to receive RCS messages. Android phones are already enabled, and iPhones will support RCS by Q4 2024. Rushing into a “free” RCS platform by Google without adequate protection exposes CSPs to revenue leakage threats without guarantees from Google and its RCS aggregators/partners that their A2P revenue will not decline. In reality, many CSPs are already experiencing a severe decline in their international A2P revenue due to RCS.

Top 4 Challenges within the RCS Ecosystem:

  • No traffic visibility
  • Challenging charging
  • Google Control, RBM aggregators same as A2P
  • No fraud control

RCS already has a severe impact on A2P revenue

Currently, most RCS & RBM messages to CSPs aren’t billed by the CSP. While RCS/RBM presents an opportunity for CSPs to tap into the local/national B2B market and directly connect businesses to their RCS platform, revenue generated will be shared with the ecosystem (Google, CPaaS companies, A2P aggregators). CSPs currently derive revenue from RCS solely from national RBM, either through full control of their RCS platform or via Google’s cloud platform with complete visibility and control. However, installing a local RCS platform grants CSPs control only over national RBM traffic. It offers no visibility or control over international RCS and RBM traffic and potential fraud. All these drawbacks are already impacting the A2P revenue of many CSPs as the traditional A2P traffic has started migrating to RCS.

Gain control and visibility with RCS Guard

RCS Guard is the world’s first comprehensive solution for total RCS Messaging Control. With RCS Guard, CSPs can seamlessly manage visibility and block unauthorized RCS messages, safeguarding A2P revenue. As the market-leading RCS protection platform, it ensures CSPs mitigate revenue loss due to RCS. RCS Guard is a modular platform with a next-gen DPI system that detects each RCS flow and enables CSP to act accordingly.


Gain Total Visibility

RCS Guard empowers CSPs with real-time data collection and analysis and interactive dashboards to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Block Unauthorized Messages

RCS Guard puts CSPs in control, enabling them to block unauthorized traffic and safeguard the A2P revenue stream.

01. A full package for A2P protection

  • Modular RCS Firewall.
  • Full control of RCS with visualization.
  • Immediate results within hours of operation.
  • Cyber-security technologies combined with next-gen DPI.
  • Centralized interactive dashboards to access consolidated data.

02. Flagship solution for network protection

  • Improves network visibility by successfully detecting RCS/RBM traffic.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support from Mobik engineers.
  • Fully-managed service.
  • Our experience in the telecommunications industry provides a deep understanding of the challenges faced in the A2P arena.

Gain control and visibility over RCS/RBM in your network.