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Mobile Data and Subscriber Security

Security is an indispensable network imperative

Telecommunication networks are the bedrock of digital transformation. Business processes, manufacturing, service industry, education – basically, our society at large depends on reliable and secure network connections. 

Generational advancement of mobile networks is getting faster and calls not only for technological adaptation but also for new security aspects that affect end users, devices and infrastructure itself. 

Operators are dedicating time and money into providing the necessary security measures which will ensure safety and create consumer trust. Safety of mobile data and subscriber security is especially important at the dawn of 5G and vast expansion of interconnection.

Mobile Data and Subscriber Security

Protect all network traffic from fraud

Fraudulent activity persists as more severe, scalable and easily accessible in all revenue segments: SMS, voice and data. It is migration to data-based consumption that opens up entire new areas of cyber security while classic network traffic is abused by upgraded grey route activities.

At Mobik we specialize in revenue assurance and anti-fraud solutions for network operators. We pride ourselves on our professional and expert managed service that takes care of the day-to-day operations and provides continuous tracking of new fraudulent behavior. With us, you are better equipped against incidents that could cause loss or theft of user data which also cause unwanted reputational harm.

Do not let security breaches damage your QoE, brand or reputation

Any security breach or incident can have unforeseen consequences and fraudulent techniques are evolving rapidly. Spamming, smishing, wangiri, robocalls, malware, cyber, man in the middle attacks etc. are occurring regularly and operators cannot afford to open their doors to incident that can cause serious problems with their subscriber base. 

With the right equipment and services in place, security attacks can be minimized. At Mobik, we consider us to be a reliable partner that is dedicated to your network’s security by taking care of testing, detection and prevention. 

Next-generation enhanced DPI (NGE-DPI) technology enables us to detect fraud or stop security breaches

Alongside our Global Probing Network we base our data traffic classification on our next-generation enhanced DPI (NGE-DPI). Where existing core network elements and embedded DPIs fall short, Mobik’s NGE-DPI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide accessible actionable intelligence in network analytics. Our technology detects and reports all kinds of fraudulent application behaviors within the operator’s network.

01. Features and benefits

  • Devoted team with a high-end managed service. 
  • With traffic probing we monitor activities and detect anomalies in real-time.
  • Propriety next-generation enhanced DPI (NGE-DPI) technology able to detect data fraud or security breach on your network in real-time.

02. Our competitive advantage

  • Network assessment available to all operators to identify problematic areas and fraudulent patterns in their traffic.
  • Independent global network of probes, capable of providing continuous test generation in all segments of network traffic.
  • Data traffic probing capabilities based on our next-generation enhanced DPI (NGE-DPI).
  • Full visibility on the network traffic with behavioral and statistical recognition.
  • Scalable platforms for any size operator.
  • We can process and analyze more than 30 PB of daily traffic. 

Only secure networks can provide true quality of service.