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Revenue Assurance & Fraud Prevention

Assure revenue with fully managed anti-fraud solutions

As specialists in preventing telecommunication fraud, we have vast experience helping clients navigate challenges in SMS, voice, data, and OTT fraud.

Our revenue assurance services currently serve over 550 million subscribers globally.

Mobik offers an end-to-end solution to give network operators unparalleled fraud protection. We provide the skills and experience along with the technology to detect and prevent fraud impacting networks today. This results in increased revenue from the protected services and improves the quality of experience for subscribers.


Put an end to SMS fraud

Secure SMS channels and protect A2P revenue.

Voice fraud protection

Bring back monetization to your voice segment.

Prevent OTT bypass

OTT Guard detects and prevents OTT bypass fraud.

Stop mobile data fraud

Proprietary technology to combat data traffic fraud.

As is the case with many operators, fragmented systems from various vendors do not deliver optimal results. Firewalls without intelligence regarding what to block are rendered ineffective. Mobik’s managed service addresses this by integrating with the various network elements, including the voice and SMS firewalls, to provide a complete solution in a short time frame as existing infrastructure is utilized.

Mobik has purpose-built infrastructure to support our modular solution design. Our Fraud Management Platform’s modular design enables our solutions to be cost-effective, efficiently delivered and offer a higher return on investment than any product or service available on the market as clients only pay for services they utilize.

Fraudulent activity persists as more severe, scalable and easily accessible

01. Investment in anti-fraud is a necessity

Almost 60% of carriers expect to invest more in fraud monitoring / prevention infrastructure in the next 12 months.

02. Choosing the right partner to combat fraud is key

Given the increasing sophistication of fraudsters, technology investment is key as it enables greater accuracy in prediction and identification of fraudulent traffic as well as the automation of business processes allowing fraud teams to refocus their resources.

Source: 2020 GLF Fraud Report, October 2020.

Are you ready to secure more revenue for your network?